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What To Expect At Your First Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment

Are you wanting cosmetic dentistry to enhance the beauty of your smile? If so, you may be wondering what to expect now that your first appointment is scheduled. Whether you are meeting us for the first time or you are one of the hundreds of our best patients, it is okay to feel a bit nervous. However, we are here to help you understand what you can expect from the beginning to the end. Let’s discuss your first step to a new and beautiful smile.


When you arrive, you will talk to our front desk reception about your visit. They will update all of your information and take your insurance cards. If nothing has changed, you will be ready to go. If you have moved, or changed your phone number or have updated insurance, you will want to make sure we know. This will speed up the insurance process after your procedures.

Meeting Your Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is special and takes special skills when done properly. Anna Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry and is up to date on all the latest in that field. During your appointment, you will meet your dentist and begin to get to know one another. He or she will discuss your health history and your family’s health history. Your dentist will want to understand your unique health needs, especially if a surgical procedure is to be performed. It may be easier to complete any and all forms ahead of time when you have time to think about this important step.

Your dentist will take a look at your smile to investigate your unique needs. You will receive a dental exam to see if any underlying issues are there to fix prior to cosmetics. If your dentist finds anything alarming or worth checking into, he or she will discuss the findings. After your exam, your dentist will discuss treatment options, surgical options and what cosmetic dentistry options are available to you.

Ask Questions

It is crucial that you ask questions. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your treatment plan. The only way to do this is to make sure you understand the plan and have all of your questions answered prior to scheduling. You should make a list of any questions you have before your appointment, so you don’t forget anything while you are there.

At Anna Dental, we offer only the best for your smile. Give us a call today at 972-924-2452 to schedule a consultation. Or check us out online at www.annadental.com.