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Cosmetic Dentistry: What You Need To Know About Store Bought Whitening Kits

Having whiter teeth has become the #1 esthetic concern of many people. And with hundreds of off the shelf whitening kits it has never been easier to enhance your smile. However, teeth whitening from an experienced dentist should win out over store bought options every time. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Products like strips can be cumbersome to use and often only treat the front 6 of your teeth.

2. It can be difficult to find over the counter whitening that has the right chemistry of bleach. Causing them to be dangerous or inneffective.

3. There is no customization with over the counter options because they are made for the masses. This means that, if you have gaps, crooked teeth or rotated teeth then you might not get the results you were hoping for.

Teeth Whitening at Anna Dental is a simple 2 step process that guarantees satisfaction. At your first appointment impressions will be made of your teeth from which we make custom plastic whitening trays. At your second appointment we make your sure trays are a perfect fit and send you home with a special whitening solution for your specific teeth. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. With help from Anna Dental you can have your best smile yet. Give us a call today at 972-924-2452 to setup your first appointment or visit us online at www.annadental.com for more information.