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How to Pay for Your Cosmetic Dentistry

Our smiles are a part of the legacy we leave behind us. The whole world is in tune with our smiles, and it is often what others notice first about us. Sometimes, we can struggle with our smiles and may need help making them what we always imagined them to be. Cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you have always dreamt about. However it does come at a cost. The cost can sometimes seem too high for us to manage or even attempt to manage. There are options available when paying for your cosmetic dentistry. Let’s discuss some of the options.

Dental Financing

Most insurances do not cover all kinds of dentistry, most often excluding cosmetic dentistry. These insurances may claim that cosmetic dentistry is not medically necessary, therefore not something the plan should cover. However, there is dental financing that exists. Various programs are available when doing a quick web search. These programs give you the option to finance your dental work or receive an insurance type plan where a premium is paid each month. You can scour these websites and find the financing that you need, or perhaps even a dental plan that offers better coverage than your current insurance.

Dental Grants

For some cases, there are dental work grants that are available for use. It is up to you to research to see if you qualify for the various grants that are available. Much like a scholarship, only for your teeth, you will need to submit medical documents and other proof of the need for your cosmetic dentistry. However, if you think you will qualify, it is worth the work to try and receive a grant. The grant can pay for some or even all of your dental work, depending on your level of need and receipt.

Personal Loans

Although this form of payment is not the most valuable or practical, if you find you need cosmetic dental work, this may be a way towards it. Personal loans are available through many banks, credit unions, and loan companies and vary in their payout. This option can be used if you have a good credit score and simply need a monthly payment plan for your cosmetic dentistry.

At Anna Dental, we want you to be able to smile again.  If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry and the costs associated, give us a call today.  We can help you through the process and give you all the options available.  You can reach us at 972-924-2452 or visit us online at to read more about our practice and staff.