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Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Though we pride ourselves on our ability to restore teeth, our doctors are also highly skilled at quick, simple, and painless tooth removal.  In fact, wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure here at Anna Dental.

Though simple extractions can usually be performed under local anesthesia alone, our doctors generally perform wisdom tooth extractions with the aid of either enteral conscious sedation (sedation dentistry) or general anesthesia as well.  In general, our patients experience very little discomfort and few post-operative complications.  However, if you have any questions, concerns, or an emergency of any kind after your surgery, you can rest assured that there is always a doctor on-call – so you can get ahold of us if you need to.

While not all wisdom teeth require removal, Dr. Ludlow, Dr. De Simone, and Dr. Sharp can help you take measures to prevent the types of problems that are associated with impacted wisdom teeth.  Early evaluation and treatment (typically in the mid-teen years) is recommended in order to identify potential problems and to improve the results for patients requiring wisdom teeth extractions.

If left untreated, though, impacted wisdom teeth can cause teeth to shift, and can contribute to infection, damage to adjacent teeth, and possibly even cysts or tumors – so call us today and set up your wisdom tooth evaluation!