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Sedation Dentistry

Do you fear making an appointment with the dentist, let alone actually walking into the dentist’s office?  You are not alone.  The good news is that both Dr. Ludlow, Dr. De Simone, and Dr. Sharp understand your dental phobia, and they successfully treat patients with similar anxieties all the time.

At Anna Dental, we pride ourselves on service tailored to your safety and comfort.  Whether you fear the most basic dental cleaning, or you are addressing extensive dental work that you’ve been putting off for years, sedation dentistry can be a useful option for you.  We offer nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, enteral conscious sedation (oral sedation), and even I.V. general anesthesia for our patients’ comfort.

Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation
Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide can be administered with almost immediate effect.  No preparation is required, and the effects subside immediately once the mask is removed.  Nitrous can be used in conjunction with other oral sedation methods to optimize your comfort level.  If nitrous is the only treatment you receive, you can drive yourself home and continue activities as normal.

Enteral Conscious Sedation (Oral Sedation)
On the day of your appointment, a companion will take you to the office.  You will then be given an oral sedation pill about an hour before your appointment.   Then, just sit back and relax!  Nitrous oxide may be administered to supplement the effects of oral sedation.  Our experienced team will continue to monitor you very closely while you’re sedated.  Though results may vary, many patients actually sleep through their appointment, and they often have little or no memory of the visit.  You must have a friend or family member pick you up from your appointment, as you will be unable to drive.  The effects usually wear off within several hours.

I.V. General Anesthesia
A board certified anesthesiologist can administer I.V. sedation for extremely phobic, sensitive, or busy patients as well.  Your doctor will give you specific instructions, but we generally ask that you not eat or drink anything for eight hours before your dental appointment.  While you are sedated, an M.D. Anesthesiologist will closely monitor heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure to make sure you are safe and comforable.  You must have a friend or family member pick you up from your appointment, as you will be unable to drive.  The effects usually wear off by the next day.

Because we provide several different types of sedation, we are confident that we can ease your fears and anxiety and successfully address your dental needs.  Moreover, when using sedation dentistry, we can drammatically reduce the number of office visits required to complete your treatment.  Just imagine – you’ll leave our office with a brand new smile and, depending on what type of sedation you choose, you’ll have little to no recollection of your actual treatment!

Sedation dentistry at Anna Dental can help you manage your dental phobia and make your healthy dental goals a reality.  For more information, call Julie and set up an exam and consultation today!