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We Are Experienced


Know that you can trust us to do our best to help you get the best treatment for your dental health.

At Anna Dental, we have over 120 years of combined dental experience! There are very few procedures that we cant handle in our office. Sure, some teeth may require attention from a specialist, but most, if not all of your dental care can be handled in our office. There is not too much that can surprise us.

Even if you are self conscious about your mouth, more than likely we have seen worse. This should help you feel comfortable and confident that we can get your dental health the way you would like it. This experience also helps us know the types of procedures that last the longest and are easier on you, as the patient.

We pride ourselves on determining the best course of treatment for your mouth. Our experience enables us to listen to your wants and use multiple avenues to take you there. Even though we are more experienced that anyone in Anna, we are not too proud to now that sometimes even we need help. That is why we have an extensive network of specialist in all aspects of dentistry and medicine to rely on when the time is needed.